Short Essay Answers on Native American Works and Authors

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1.Tapahonso, Ortiz, and Silko are all from New Mexico. They are all Pueblo Native Americans. The main character in Silko's Ceremony has just returned from World War II as a former prisoner of war. The rest of the book deals with his painful memories of the war.

2.The contemporary writers today draw on the Native American oral tradition in their works very much. This is a display of their culture. The oral tradition is vital to the Native American culture because it was how they communicated and also entertained one another. It is very much apart of what they know as Native Americans.

3.I knew very little about Native American history. I have learned only about the US history, but not much about the Native American's history. I feel it is very important for non-Native Americans to know about Native American traditions.

Through knowledge we are able to understand other cultures.

By doing this we gain a more peaceful world and nation. If we do not learn, we are in danger of losing so much history. We are in danger of losing the culture of the Native Americans, a culture that thrived before the appearance of settlers from England.