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This collection of short stories is very detail-oriented, and it is for this reason that those details are vital to the impact that the story has on the reader. The "list of nothing", for example, is a list of subtleties, or details, which let the reader know about the author's current environment. It is not the flashiest aspects of nature that are the most important; instead it is the small sounds that most people do not even realize are there. However, if these minute sounds were not in nature then one would notice the silence. This is the way of details; they are not noticed when they are there, but once they are taken away it is very apparent.

Bruce Springsteen is a master at using details to describe what he wishes to say, and he re-displays this talent in the ever-popular "Thunder Road". He begins the song by describing the details during an argument that he is having with a girl named Mary.

However, instead of discussing the actual argument, he sings about the background sounds; such as "the screen door" (1) and "the radio" (4). Although he doesn't plainly state that he is fighting with Mary, he is able to utilize the surrounding details thus letting the listener/reader know what is going on. After this argument he goes on to try to convince Mary that he is good enough for her, and that they should be together. He tells her that she should go along for the ride and see where it takes her. This is why he uses the details of a moving car to describe their relationship. He asks her to "roll down the window / And let the wind blow back your hair" (28-29), metaphorically telling her to give him a try and...