A short essay I did for a district test concerning the change of a character throught a book The Children of the River with the writng directions included.

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Writing Directions

Characters in Literature

Many stories include characters who change during the course of the work. These changes can be in attitudes, goals, behavior, relationships with others, or opinions about people or ideas.

From a piece of literature you have studied this year, choose one character who changes in the course of the work. Write a multiparagraph essay that describes how this character changes. Include examples from the story and tell how you feel about the character and the changes that take place. Do not just retell the story.

Helpful hints: strong papers will have

a clear thesis that shows an understanding of the work

specific, well-explained examples from the piece of literature

more than just a plot summary

a writing style that includes effective vocabulary, varied

sentence structure, and correct grammar


Sundara in the book Children of the River begins the tale with a nostalga, and ends in a state of awareness.

In the begining she is living in the past busying herself with her school work. She dosen't seem to realize that she has a brighter future ahead of her. She is all too aware that she dosen't fit in either culture; American or Cambodian. She trys to fit her aunt's expectations at home, while still trying to be normal at school. Her home and school seem like two diffirent worlds, brought side by sidebecause of war. She clings onto the past because it seems better than the future.

For four years she has not expressed her guilt and grief. She lost track of her family, and knows not of their death or life. She longs to see her little sister, brother, Mother and Father. She feels she can't grieve forsomeone, if they might still live. Her regrets about her goodbye still hang heavy on her...