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Difference between Men and Women

Boys and girls are different in many different ways. The way that boys and girls learn is different, the way that they are viewed in society, and the way that they think. The question is this related primarily to the biological systems and functions of the brain. There is more to this such as, cultural surroundings and economic advantages that have a role in the way that society views men and women.

Differences between men and women go as far back as infants. Female babies have enhanced hearing performance. Females are also more proficient at fine motor performance; female infants are more likely to speak sooner. Girls can also sing at an earlier age. Girls are able to master the ability of reading and understanding much earlier then boys; with the benefits women have, they are more likely to pursue a career in a field where these advantages can be taken into consideration.

Males on the other hand are not as fine-tuned as females. Males are more likely to learn by being visually stimulated or hands on experience. Males are also not as quick on there feet, more likely to drop objects; one might even call them clumsy. Over 95% of males are diagnosed with either a learning disability or a hyperactivity disorder. Males are more likely to explore there environments. Males are more likely to succeed on scholarship tests, which were made with the male brain in mind.

Richard M. Restak practicing neurologist is the supporter of this theory. He feels that the brain size between men and women is actually different in comparison. However, Martha Mednick believes that the differences between men and women are strictly cultural. With two different viewpoints, it is no wonder that society is confused about...