Short Essay About Rewarding Employees By Giving Them Extra Money.

Essay by mynumberis8 December 2005

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In some companies, employees are usually rewarded with some extra money for their loyalty and their dedication for the companies. Personally, I believe that by doing this, employees will be more interested and more serious doing their work. I think that both employer and employee can get some advantages by doing this practice.

In my opinion, rewards can motivate someone to do better. When employees get their hard work rewarded, they will feel that what they are doing is not just useless and forgotten. They will find that they are doing great in their job, and that will encourage them to work even harder. Meanwhile, employers will be able to get their members of staff to trust them and make their employees more responsible to the jobs they have.

However, everything has a positive as well as negative side. While some employees work hard to make the employers proud of them, some others may be jealous of them.

Here, the competition to please their employer in order to get the reward started. It is alright to have a competition at work, as long as they use positive ways to win. Yet, we know that sometimes people can do anything to get what they want, and as the reward is some extra money, they can do even worse. Of course that won't be good for the companies.

Although some companies still prefer the practice, I think we can find some other better ways to encourage employees to work hard. For instance, we can promote them to higher positions, or maybe we can give them gifts instead of money. On the lighter side, maybe we can make a program like 'Employees Of The Week' or else. It can also motivate employees to work harder. Creative things like that can be more...