A short essay about the WWE and its violence.

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Sports can be rough. Football has its tackling and hockey has its checking. I don't have any problems with these things. What does a little physical contact do anyways? You hear about the odd time an injury happens from these sports but no problem. The problem I do have is when the whole point of the sport is to beat your opponent to a bloody pulp. The sport I'm talking about is wrestling. Not the real wrestling you see in the Olympics but the fake one you see on television under the organization WWE. The WWE has taken wrestling to new heights by putting in fancy grappling moves and bad attitude wrestlers to sell it on television as violence. It's no longer about pinning your opponent down on the ground but who gets knocked out stone cold first. There are even wrestling matches where the whole point is to see who bleeds first.

The wrestlers use moves that should injure any person in real life just to go for the pin. They even take baseball bats and chairs to make sure their fellow wrestler gets hurt. Not only does the WWE promote such graphic violence but hatred towards other wrestlers. The rivalry is so intense they swear at each other and try to find ways to hurt each other off the ring. All of this adding to the reason why the wrestlers have to get in the ring and beat each other senseless to win some belt that is oversized and really isn't for holding up your pants. All of this is being shown on the television, which in turn gets to our youth. The kids try to have those "bad guy" attitudes like their favorite wrestler, start talking dirty like them, and finally try their high risk...