Short Essays on Borderlands, Bernal Diaz, and Protests

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By:Lee A. Zito

Short Answer Questions:


1.Borderlands are areas of lands that share a border. For instance Mexico and the United States are Borderlands. Also the United States and Canada are borderlands. Borders are not the only boundaries that come between borderlands, there are also cultural boundaries as well. These cultural differences include language, religion, and customs.


2.Bernal Diaz's description of Tenochtitlan is one that is filled with poetic style and truth. Tenochtitlan was the capital cities of the Aztec people, whose ancestors are now know as Chicanos. The Chicano activists are greatly inspired by Diaz's description. It tells them about the beauty of their culture, one that was destroyed and almost forgotten.


3.I think the most effective forms of protests are peaceful walks and demonstrations, much like the one's of Martin Luther King Jr.'s. Not only were they effect protests, they helped shape history.

Their protests peacefully showed that African Americans are equal to the dominant culture.