Short overview of Asians as a Super Minority-class presentation from notes.

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Trapped on a Pedestal-Asian Americans as the Super Minority Stereotype.

* Two quotes from the article, one from US News and World Report and the other from Ronald Reagan typify the idea that Asians are an exceptional success story for minorities-note that both sources are catering to a 'white' audience. Note that the movie "Do the Right Thing" depicts Korean grocers as "money grabbing, thankless workers" is derogatory from the POV of African Americans, but these traits are generally capitalist and supported by a majority of white, upper class business power brokers and politicians.

* Asian American success is used by conservatives to show that 'affirmative action' is not necessary for minorities to succeed. If 'they' can do it, anyone can.

* Achievements seem impressive on their face (median income is higher than that of the national median in 1979). Many Asian Americans at the bottom of the barrel

* In 1985, Filipinos were removed from affirmative action after the number of incoming freshman reached parity with the number of graduating high school seniors.

After they were removed, they failed to maintain the degree of representation achieved up to that point.

* First wave of Asian American immigrants in the 60s and 70s were solvent, educated, and already had skills.

* 'Super-Asians' are routinely paid less than Whites, and are promoted less.

* While valuing education more than equivalent Whites, they receive less return for that education-for every engineer there is a service economy or textile worker.

* The nations' 300,000 Chinese-Americans that are moving ahead "on their own....with no help from anyone else" use a curious form of economic partnership that puts them even more at risk than minorities that fail at using the traditional financial assistance model for businesses and college education.


* S. Lee (1996) reports...