A short paper about Carnage from Spiderman

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Some people favor fictional superheroes for their ability to overcome the odds against them. I prefer the antiheroes who have the outstanding odds. One my favorite comic book characters is Carnage because of his looks, strength, overwhelming abilities.

Carnage is an antihero from Spider-man and one of his most powerful enemies. Before he became Carnage, he was a psychopath named Cletus Kasady. He gained his powers while in jail, when his cellmate Eddie Brock, the man behind the alien symbiote suit Venom, escaped. His living suit came and found him. They combined and using his massive strength he ran away. Cletus was stunned by this scene and went to look out the massive hole Eddie had made. When looking into the outer world, a small piece of the alien symbiote left behind fell from the rafters and landed on him. The alien saw him as a perfect host and permanently combined with Cletus, forming Carnage.

Carnage is a mix of red and black that flow around him like a river. The red is his blood while the black is the alien. He has razor sharp claws and teeth. His huge white eyes look menacing and have very good vision. He has kept most of his human body shape.

The alien that combined to form Carnage had been previous suits for Spider-man and Venom and has kept some of their DNA so Carnage had both their abilities. But along with these previous abilities came some new ones. He had the ability to crawl on any surface like Spider-man. And since he has some of Spider-man in him, he doesn't set of Spider-man's spider sense. His new ability is that he can turn his limbs into sharp blades and points that can be thrown. He can also harden his...