This is a short reflection on how i view success. It starts large and ends with my opinions on success being in a wealthy suburb in which i live.

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Success is attaining your goals. In my own terms there should be a combination of how happy a person is and how much security they have. A person can be successful without being happy. For instance, how you affect others allow one to be successful without being happy. More specifically, a doctor or businessman may not be happy, but can have financial success or successful in helping others. This leads to inner success which is more about how satisfied one with what he or she is doing or has done. Outer success is more about how another perceive you to be, or in terms of wealth or a prominent position in the workplace.

My parents consider success to be a culmination of how well I do in school academically, socially, and how well I do in athletics. My parents consider academics most important followed by my social well being as in having friends and not getting into bad activities such as drugs.

Lastly they feel athletics is important because it reveals my dedication to activities. Lower Merion High Schools holds many of the same standards as my parents. Lower Merion High School wants the typical teenager to do well in academics, athletics, and socially which reflects well on the school and parents. Lower Merion township is much the same in that thy consider success mostly in financial terms and prominent jobs. The United States consider the financially stable who follow the law a success, rightfully so. Raised in Lower Merion Township my entire life I hold the same standards as most everyone else who resides here. With that said I feel that financial success is most important because it allows for an easier way of life allowing one to do whatever they want.

The old saying, "If you try...