A Short Report on Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game"

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Ender's Game is a book about a government program to defend the planet Earth from alien attack. There are certain child geniuses that are offered an opportunity to join in the training program before they hit puberty. If they choose to accept their mission they must leave their families behind. If they are going to be fighting aliens they need to be touch enough to have no family. Ender has a very close relationship with his sister Valentine in which is the only reason he considers not going. He has an older brother who is jealous of him and he shows it! Ender became one of the top students in his training. He even surpassed many of the older kids. This made many people hate him. Though after being relentlessly picked on Ender finally fought back and set an example. He started to wonder if he was going to turn out like the one he loathed so much, his brother.

Ender's Game was interesting because it was not only SCI-FI themed, but it had substance. The book is really about a kid getting picked on and his dealings with such ridicule. It seems that at any one moment he could crack, in which he does multiple times. He does not receive punishments for the bad things he does, because the government wants him to be as mad as possible. To them anger equals power. This of course only fuels the other children's jealousy towards Ender.

Ender's Game did an incredible job of explaining this futuristic story of a teenager who is being used to protect planet Earth against alien attack. I was impressed at the level of foreshadowing and job Orson Scott Card did communicating the anger in such a vivid way.

I would have to say that out of...