Short response essay to Emerson's Self Reliance;what we should be reliant on.

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After reading the ideas expressed in "Self-Reliance," I have come to believe that self-reliance is the most important factor in life. What should we rely on? One answer: ourselves. I firmly believe that a person should only rely on themselves for everything and no one else, regardless of the consequences. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to study, live and work in Italy where I come from. It has always been a dream I had. I was planning on applying to American colleges there during my senior year of high school. That's when a bitter divorce started between my parents that still hasn't ended. So I put my plans on hold because I didn't want to leave my mother alone to go through that herself. I have an older sister and brother but she was always more reliant on me since I still live at home.

Well, I'm still here and now I feel it's going to be harder then ever to go. My mother relies on me for everything. She owns a business and I'm responsible for housework and everything else. So now I'm stuck between doing something I have always wanted to do and staying here because I care too much for others to leave. But slowly I'm realizing that I need to do what I want to do. This is my journey through life and I cannot rely on others or have others rely on me always. It's good when people rely on others for things like advice and such, but not when it impacts life choices. This is my journey, not anyone else's. I cannot sacrifice my life and my feelings for others. It sounds selfish but it is the only way I will truly be happy. I need to be honest...