Short Review of Santa Clause 2.

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Santa Clause 2

When I think of Tim Allen, I think of Tim "The Tool Man Taylor" in the very humorous sitcom, Home Improvement. The role of Santa Claus was a real stretch for me because of his comedy forte. I was pleasantly surprised by his wit in The Santa Clause. He made the story of becoming the rosy cheeked, white bearded, magical man quite enjoyable. This is why I decided to make the trip to the movie theater for his new movie, Santa Clause 2. Although he was reprising his role as the jolly old fellow, the movie lacked the magical qualities of the first one.

The story line was passable but the movie was missing the special affects that I came to expect after watching The Santa Clause. The basic premise of the movie is that there was another clause printed on the card that Tim found in the Santa suit he put on in the first movie.

The clause is that Santa Claus has to be married within 28 days or he will cease to be Santa. Santa also has the added dilemma of his son Charlie, being on the Naughty list instead of the Nice list.

He consults with his head elf Bernard, and Curtis, the keeper of the rules. They decide to duplicate Santa so he can appear to be at the North Pole and with Charlie at the same time. The unbelievable part was the machine that replicated a toy Santa to take the real Santa's place while he left the North Pole to go courting.

The toy Santa was a poorly scripted character, militant in behavior that basically turned the toy factory into a coal-producing nightmare for the elves. While toy Santa was running amuck in the toy factory, the real...