This is a short speech on the reasons that AIDS is the next plague.

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*This was pretty much a guide for me during my speech.. basically the main ideas**

**One thing that is not included is that the main hospital in Johannesburg is only taking chronic patients because of a lack of space, funding, and resources in the hospital. They will stabilize you, and then let you go. An interesting point is that 80% of the emergency patients coming in are from gunshot wounds.. This hospital is also the main teaching hospital in south Africa and if it is only taking chronic patients, the medical students will not learn how to do such things as hip replacements and other elective procedures and surgeries. This will lead to an even greater lack of care for the HIV infected.**

{{For this speech, i was given the question of "what is the next plague"}}

My question was "What is the next plague?" It is Impossible to know what the next plague will be because there is always a threat of an immigrant or tourist from an isolated country bringing some virus like a hemorrhagic fever into Manhattan.

Whatever the next plague may be, it would most likely be a virus because the ability of viruses to mutate. This makes effective antiviral medicine or vaccine difficult to create. An example of a new virus is SARS, we have never seen it before and had no vaccines or protection against it.

The most predominate serious virus is HIV. The AIDS epidemic is still increasing worldwide, and in Africa it threatens to wipe out entire nations. In December 2002, there were 42 million people infected with HIV. About 30 million victims live in Africa.

The Presidents of Botswana and Malawi have declared that their nations may become extinct unless drastic interventions to halt the spread of the disease are...