Short Stories

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What makes a short story one to remember? All aspects of writing must harmonize to make an impression. To properly analyze the use of images, metaphors, symbols and allegories in short stories it?s first vital to understand the denotation of each term. First imagery is the use of vivid or figurative language to represent objects, actions, or ideas. Using images writers are better able to represent ideas through language of sense experience and make them physical to picture. Second are metaphors, which are closely linked to analogies but they have their differences. A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeliness of analogy between them. Metaphors also cause us to picture something in our mind that represents something else. On the other hand an analogy is an inference that if two or more things agree with one another in some respects they will probably agree with others.

Both metaphors and analogies are used to show a likeness between two things. Next are symbols, which are immensely popular ways to get a point across without directly making the statement. A symbol is something that means more than what it is; an object, person, situation, or action that in addition to it?s literal meaning suggests other meanings as well, a representation of something universal. Lastly are allegories a narrative or description that has a second meaning beneath the surface, often relating each literal term to a fixed corresponding abstract idea or moral principle: usually, the ulterior meanings belong to a preexisting system of ideas or principals. The four main mechanical devises described have been strongly implemented through authors over hundreds of years. The use of images, metaphors, symbols and allegories...