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A Short Story ¡§How are you? I¡¦m the doctor who is in charge of looking after you for two weeks.¡¨ Doctor Chan smiled, ¡§If you have any problems, you can find me any time.¡¨ Just as Doctor Chan expected, David did not say a word. Doctor Chan could see cool, ignoring and self-abhorrence through his eyes. Finished the examination, Doctor Chan went to his office. He opened David¡¦s thick anamnesis. He began to read carefully from the first page.

¡§Are you looking at David¡¦s anamnesis?¡¨ A nurse came in, ¡§It must take you a long time to finish such a thick anamnesis.¡¨ Just when Doctor Chan wanted to thank for the nurse¡¦s consideration, a beautiful and well-dressed lady came in. She said hello to the nurses and staffs. She seemed very familiar with them. Then she talked to Doctor Chan, ¡§Are you the doctor who takes care of my husband? My husband asked me to say thank you to you.

He said your skill of injection was very good. He didn¡¦t feel painful at all.¡¨ Doctor Chan did not know who was her husband among his ten something patients. However, he smiled to her.

¡§Don¡¦t you know who she is?¡¨ the nurse asked Doctor Chan, ¡§She is David¡¦s wife, Kelly. She is very beautiful, isn¡¦t she? She is also very kind.¡¨ Knowing Doctor Chan was curious, the nurse continued to say, ¡§She is different from other patients¡¦ families who abandon them. There¡¦re very few people like her in the world. She puts great effort to look after him although he¡¦s dying.¡¨ Doctor Chan nodded his agreement and looked at the first page of the anamnesis and it was written ¡§IV Drug abuse¡¨ David was a clever and hard-working young man who went from rags to riches. By selling computers, he formed his career only in a few years. At that time, the economics was very good. He became very wealthy soon. He was not only wealthy, but also very handsome. At that time, he had a wonderful life. Men admired him and women loved him.

Although David became rich, he never forgot his old friends. Once his friends had any trouble, he tried his best to help them. However, this kind of good life did not last for a long time. Since the economics went bad, David¡¦s business became worse and worse. He faced lots of difficulties. He tried to ask his old friends for help, but none of them helped him. He was very disappointed. Then what he could do to maintain his business was to lend money from the usury. The debts became more and more and he could not meet them. At last, he began to banish himself. He drank from day to night, smoking and even take drugs.

Three years passed, David completely became a drug addict. He was very ugly. One day, an angel appeared and she changed his life. David knew Kelly. Kelly was really like an angel. Although he was really terrible when they knew, she did not look down on him. Kelly could see there was still strong will through that frustrated face. She knew he had a good heart. She comforted and couraged. David was moved by Kelly. He loved her deeply. He thought she was her angel who saved his life when he was in the most difficult time. Kelly accepted his love and asked him to give up taking drugs. Love was so great and powerful. David promised