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'What's happening to me?' was her first thought. She looked around and wondered what was happening to the lights. The laser lights in the club had moved around to form one big smear of colour. She rested herself on the bar and tried to reason with herself. She looked around for the comfort of her two friends. But they were nowhere to be seen.

She could remember coming to a new club that had just recently opened with Marko and Michael. They boys had a few drinks, as so did Sara. They then danced for a while and that's when she started feeling a bit faint. Shortly after she went to the toilet and told them to wait for her. She came back but couldn't find them where she told them to wait. Her body started to shake and she found it hard to control her movements. Everything had seemed to slow down and the music somehow seemed not loud at all.

Someone patted her on the shoulder and in a soft voice said 'Hey, you don't look too good, come with us and we'll take care of you'. She couldn't recognise the two people. Their faces were blurry and that's the last thing she remembered before collapsing into a black sea of nothing.

She awoke the following day with lots of unexplained questions. She looked to the left side of the bed that she was laying on to see all her clothes on the floor, or at least what was left of them. She was naked and ugly thoughts of what could have happened to her were rushing through her head. She knew that she had been raped. She also knew that she didn't put up a fight because she had no signs of bruising on her...