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It Was Just Meant To Be Another Day at School

It all began when Lucy was running late for school. School holidays were now over and it was her first day back. She arrived at school and realised she was now sitting in the corridor waiting to see the Principal, of all days today had to be Lucy's worst.

There she sat, waiting. Shivers running up and down her spine, she'd never been to the principal's office before. She saw Mrs Hog march down the corridor, starring at her as if she'd committed a major crime. She gulped as the Hog peered over her. "Lucy," she bellowed. "Do you realise what time it is?"

"Yes, Mrs Hog," she said with a trembling voice. "I'm so very sorry, but I..." Mrs Hog rudely interrupted her. "That's no excuse Lucy, now get to class. I don't want to see you late for school again."

she yelled. Lucy quickly grabbed her back pack and was out of there in a flash. "What a relief," she said to herself as she left the room. She was so glad to be out of there.

Lucy arrived at her first class for the day, which was HRE. One morning a week they had this lesson, where they had discussions about puberty which she found boring. Today their class were given a pair of scissors to use for an activity. The activity was not very interesting. The girl sitting in front of Lucy had long curly hair and it seemed to Lucy that it would be a good idea to cut it for her. It was going very well. The scissors sliced progressively through her hair with satisfying snipping sounds and a small heap of curls began to accumulate on Lucy's desk. She brushed them onto the...