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The sun was at the peak of noon with temperatures rising over 25 degrees Celsius. It was Daniel's 3rd day at Brisbane Grammar School. He sat on the bench in front of the Ladies Toilets waiting for someone with sympathy to sit next to him. He had never had a friend before and always had desired for the contentment of a friendship since he started school. However, he had always been portrayed as too fat, too stupid or too lazy so as a result it was natural he was friendless. He looked at the building, which there were windows, bricks and doors, and wished he could just be as blithe as those objects. Instead of being so uncomfortable in his tight uniform, he hoped he could just lie down and go to a wake less sleep. He listened to the contiguous noises and heard only the constant cycling of the air conditioning fan, the lawn mower on the oval behind him and the occasional murmurs of fellow colleagues who completely neglected him whenever he attempted to start a conversation.

Although he had already been accustomed to the verity in primary school that no one would try to allow him to be his or her friend, he had anticipation that since every single person in the year group was new to the school, they would be more than willing to make friends with him. However, on the last day of his first week, he was inexorably proved wrong.

During lunchtime, Daniel heard the annoying siren that meant only one thing. A fire. Remembering the instructions for a fire drill, which he had memorized, he started to walk down to the oval. Then he saw it. It was the biggest fire he had ever seen! And it was burning between...