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"It's Friday!" I and my best friend, Natasha, yelled in unison. We had plans to go to a live play tonight but Natasha's parents presented a labyrinth of rules and regulations that we could not follow, so she just ended up sleeping over at my house. We borrowed a movie from blockbuster on our way home called "For Heaven's Sake!" which is a humorous comedy. As we were getting ready to start the movie, smoke billowed up in the kitchen. "Oops, popcorn" Natasha said as I gave her my most incandescent glare. Natasha kept complaining that the movie was knotty and could've been enhanced and I kept telling her that without understanding the finer nuances you can't enjoy the humor.

After the movie was finally over, we started one of our most intricate assignments. We had to expand the meaning of "Every cloud engenders not a storm" from Shakespeare and let me tell you, it's not as lucid as it sounds! We worked on it for at least an hour until Natasha finally gave up and begged me to let her plagiarize my work.

Anyways, she was my best friend so I had to let her do it but I made her answer a question I was most curios about. "Who is your covert crush and don't say no one because I know there is someone". "Umm...I...okay FINE!" she yelled, "Raj". I stared at her like she was an animal in the zoo and gave her a counterfeited smile.

We talked for a while and went to bed but it was one night that I could not sleep. She likes Raj, she likes Raj, kept repeating in my head like a memory I couldn't forget. She likes RAJ! Raj, my secret boyfriend... "I have to cower the truth from...