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“Halt” they yelled trying to catch the fleeting figure, but to no avail. The figure was certainly to fast for them to catch in their heavy gear, darting in and out of the trees effortlessly, like they weren’t even there. “Who is he?” one of them panted struggling up the hill. “I don’t know” replied another. “But whatever it is we will be dammed if we don’t catch him.” The five of them struggled to reach the summit as the figure dived down the rocky face of the large hill. “End of the road” said the largest of the five grasping a large stone near his feet and hurling it with great accuracy at fleeting figure. With great speed and accuracy the rock pelted through the air until it struck the figure of the back of his head. With a great yelp like an injured dog the figure stumbled and fell, skidding along the face of the hill until it crashed against a large rock.

The figure, struggling, tried to get up but it was no use, the group of five had already closed in.

“Good throw captain” said one peering at the figure, “got him right on the head.” “Indeed” replied the largest one, “now lets have a look at him” he said drawing his sword and with that the company closed in on the figure who was still struggling on the ground. As they reached the figure the largest of the five reached down and, grabbing the struggling figure by the shoulder, flipped him onto his back. They all gasped for air as they realised that it was not a man, but an Elf. “What is this devilry!” one exclaimed, “Surely no Elf resides in these parts?” he asked. “You are indeed correct my friend” said the...