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EdDecember 9, 2009English 243A tight spiraling trail split the 100 acres of dense vegetation engulfing Edge Park. The park resembles a human torso; the trail- the capillaries that twist within; the heart- a lake. Located on the corner of Serenity and Concord, both very busy avenues, the park should have attracted numerous attendees. Despite this and the multiple scenic outlooks dotting the park, it remained inactive, almost devoid of human presence.

The head of the park blamed the economic recession, and the subsequent decrease in funding, for the decline in attendance. A major portion of the community, manipulated through the bias and corrupt media, has been convinced that the declining condition of the park is in fact a product of poor management. Reflected in many other facets of the community, this ignorance on the part of the general population prevents the real issues from being addressed and the corruption persists.

Thus the park has remained unmaintained.

It had come to the attention of the few risk takers in town, consisting primarily of unaware nature enthusiasts, that the plants and trees are growing immensely large and the park would, now, more accurately, be identified as a miniature wilderness of sorts. Animals, previously unknown to the community, have come to find solace within the densities of the park. Withering leafs, covering most of the lake's surface- destroying the organisms that were once accustomed to an abundance of sunlight upon the lake's surface-have, subsequently, destroyed the previous ecosystem. But, in its stead, have given birth to a new more suitable one, an ecosystem fit to survive in the new found limitations. The intricate trails that once guided the community through the lush park are now unidentifiable, covered in moss and the cracks invaded by the occasional sapling competing for any remaining spot of...