Short Story: Arthur The Usemite

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I am Arthur Ecmi, former soldier of the last surviving members of the Usemo clan. Now I have been ostracized from my once great empire. That is until I can acquire the Holy Magofre and restore my citizenship. And there it is only a quick footrace distance from me, so why am I scared? I have made it past the Demons unnoticed and have even managed to have all the nearby Tezaks distracted. All I have to do is bring back the Holy Magofre and I can return to Usemo safety. I have already tainted my name, but I must prevail and clear my dirty deed by bringing back the Holy Magofre. But before I accomplish my task, let me explain who I am and why I am here to do this daunting task.

Usemo was once a proud and diginified race. 50 of us once roamed Prat, and believe me when I say it, anything over 30 is magnificent.

Prat was our homeland, in which we used to thrive and prosper. Our race was the most cultured and most worthy of respect and admiration from the other clans. Usemites, in general, was the most unique race out of all of the others that lived on Prat. Usemites have fur covering their entire body, this way we can shield ourselves from the bitter wrath of nature. Although it would be nice to have our tails covered just a little bit. What is the most interesting quality about us is our size. We are so miniscule compared to many other creatures. But what we lack in size, we make up with intelligence and numbers. Every adult Usemite is in the army (the kids are in boot camp and school), and every soldier puts their life on the line to ensure our...