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Da Da Da Da! "Shark!" cried Wanda the "super sized" lady in the red polka dotted bathing suit. Everyone went splashing about in the ocean waves screaming, "Help, Help there is a Shark." Children were crying for there parents. Parents were crying for there children to get out of the water. Is this how you imagine snorkeling in Coco Cay, Bahamas? Well if so it is nothing like that at all. Picture beautifully colored fish, red, yellow, orange, blue, and green swimming all around you. Think about the long mountain like coral reefs, which were decorated with star fish and disguised creatures waiting for their prey. The salty ocean water that appears sky blue and crystal clear for which you can see down to the deep ocean floor. That is how snorkeling in Coco Cay, Bahamas was for me and my family.

Snorkeling was a very relaxing and an enjoyable experience.

The water was a perfect toasty temperature and favorable salty. As I floated along weightlessly, concentrating on breathing, a ravishing brightly colored fish swam by. I reached out to touch the fish but he quickly swam elsewhere. The colors were so vibrant that it was amazing how something so beautiful could live in the underneath ocean world. The sun was glowing warmly and soothing my back. Wow! How I wish I was chasing under the water, miniature fish again. I also had a feeling of excitement, not knowing from one minute to the next what might swim by. Sometimes, I felt like I was "Little Mermaid", just waiting on a shark or some gigantic fish to take me for an adventurous ride on his back.

Some people just don't like to snorkel. They had rather just sit back and enjoy the land view. For example, men, or...