Short Story: Enjoy today as tomorrow will never come

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Enjoy today as tomorrow will never come

"You go drop the kids! I do everything in the house and you can't even do this much?" she screamed.

"Who told you to live with me anyway? Take your kids and get out of my house!" he exclaimed.

"My kids? They are our kids!" she said.

He slammed the door shut and left. My mornings always remained in a constant mood, I would wake up every morning, bright or rainy, having to listen to my parents argue. If my younger sister and I were not born, they would have been divorced ages ago. Every moment I realize that my sister and I are the bond that kept my parents together for so many years, and I would do whatever I could to keep this bond from breaking.

That morning was a very rainy morning, and so after I combed my straight light brown hair, which was growing quite long now, I grabbed an umbrella and left for school.

As I slowly walked to school, tears poured down my cheeks, and as soon as I realized my friend approaching me, I quickly wiped them off.

"They fought again today?" Leena asked. At that moment no words came out of my mouth, but silence said it all.

Leena was my closest friend since kindergarten, to whom I shared everything. She was a slim girl with an average height, just like me. She had thick curly hair, which flowed slightly below her shoulders. If I were to tell the truth, she was the most nicest, friendliest person that I've so far met in life. She knew about the problems that I had at home, and everything else that has ever happened in my life. One thing that I absolutely loved about her, was her...