Short Story G - RoW Si Fi About a group of men that never give thier dream of becomin G row Champs

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" In an attempt to stop violence and battles among their people, the new park government has legalized no holds bar matches, they established leagues and bloody exhibition matches, a profional league had formed. It had been four months since the founding of single one on one matches. The G- ro committee has selected you in its first grand G ro Team Tournament it is time to come and prove yourself your power and strengths are legendary. Destroy your enemies in a team battle for life and death choose your partner wisely."

"Tournament eh, why bother risk my life in that dangerous tournament." " My G ro days are over!"young Bear said. "Besides I rather stick with chess" Bear said to himself once more.

" Master come quick the G ro committee is at your door and stealing your wife!" yelled Plankton. The committee was very feared and always go what they wanted .

The committee currently owned half of the land .

"Never , why are you people doing this?"Bear said running into the room.

"You shall play in this tournament boy, also you must win if you wish to ever see your wife again"Then the committee ran away leaving Bear confused and lost . With no choice Bear decided he had to go on this adventure and free his wife. Bear put on his hat said some last words to his brother and then ventured into the town square looking for a partner strong enough to play in this dreadful tournament and help him to his goal of freeing his wife.

As Bear was walking through the woods he noticed posters every where and noticed they all were promoting the G ro tournament. Bear had three days to find a partner and...