A Short Story about a girl who's best friend committed suicide. Very unconventional take on her reaction. May be slightly unsettling

Essay by Miss_ABJunior High, 9th gradeA-, March 2004

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Yeah, I guess I'm sad. I mean, of course I am. She was my best friend, and I'd be crazy not to miss her. But despite all that, although I've cried myself to sleep, I'm angry.

There. I've said how I feel. Now I can leave this cold classroom with it's hard chairs and unforgiving florescent lights.

But no, the psychologist said we should explain how we feel. He sat there, in casual clothes, his voice persuasive and soothing. I didn't like him though. His eyes were a little too big, a little too calm and gentle. He seemed to want to just hoard our secrets and fears, like a dragon hoarding gold, or a well-fed cat, stuffing himself on emotions and sitting back and purring once we gave him enough. So I didn't talk to him very much. I answered his questions, but I didn't break down in the middle of the answer, sobbing, like most of the other girls.

He wanted more from me, I could tell. More anguish, more sadness, more guilt. Those he could deal with, with carefully rehearsed speeches, pats on the back, and "there-there" s. My flat answers, saying only what he asked for and nothing more, seemed to throw him off. So I didn't talk much.

I suppose I wasn't entirely truthful with him. All the emotions he wanted, and more, had come, and gone. There was anguish and sadness: Ohmygod, my best friend's gone and I'll never see her again. Denial: No. She can't be gone; we had too much to do. Terror: How can I face life with out her, go on alone? Goddess knows there's been guilt, and plenty of it: She is - was - my best friend. How could I not have seen it coming? And after...