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It was the middle of the day. The sun was shining and spring was on its way. I remember walking to the shop, only a few minutes away from my house. I noticed a police van drive past me several times, but thought nothing of it. I walked into the shop and bought what I needed.

As I walked outside, I once again saw the police van parked across the road. I walked towards the alley way as I always did. It was my short cut. Walking down the alleyway, the police van followed me. Two policemen wearing balaclavas jumped out of the truck and dragged me in. I was screaming but no one heard me. One grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped nearly all of my long black silky hair off. I had always been proud of my hair. My family wasn't rich and I had nothing apart from my hair, which every rich girl envied.

The war in Kosovo was nearing an end, but there were still Serbian troops and Police officers wandering about.

While in the truck, I was still screaming for help. The policemen told me to shut up or they'd shut me up. They took off their balaclavas. One was maybe in his mid thirties and the other early twenties. It was hot in the back of the van and the older of the two officers kept touching me. I tried to back away but couldn't. He kept pulling me back. They forced me to take off my clothes and one after the other, they raped me several times. They talked a bit of Albanian and I could understand some of the Serbian words that they were saying. I looked at them and I think that they realised that I understood so...