Short story involving stemming from the train tragady involving the man attempting to comit suicide.

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I parked my Jeep Cherokee on those tracks of GlendaleCalifornia with the intention of putting an end to everything that seemed so impossible to deal with anymore. But as I watched the train coming towards me, I started to think about my children. I started to think of what death may be like. Then, fear took over me. I started the car and tied to drive it off the tracks but it was stuck. So, I got out of the car and ran to safety.

While I was thinking what I would have missed out on had I still been in the car, I felt a sort of relief. Then, I watched as the train came at my Jeep Cherokee with such force that it overturned and hit the other train on the opposite side. I watched, horrified, at the many people lying on the ground, covered in their own blood, at the people being put into shopping carts as a stretcher and being carried away.

I watched ambulance after ambulance rush to the scene, and carry away the many injured people. They were placing the people who had not survived in body bags.

Now, I'm sitting in the court room, being charged with at least 10 counts of murder, and facing the death penalty. Eleven are dead because of me, but this wasn't my intention. I had intended to end my pain and instead caused the pain of so many others.