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A Lesson Before It Was Too Late

Five servants walked into their master's studying room with energy and confidence, but came out with disappointment and confusion. They were fired by Mrs. Burston, their master. Mrs. Burston fired them not because of shortage of money, nor because she was dissatisfied with their work, she did for the benefits of her son

Mrs. Burston, who grew up in a wealthy family, married an owner of a well-known corporation, Mr. Burston. They lived in Toronto and had one son named John. They loved their son so much that they decided to move to a mansion in order to give their child more space to play. Since their mansion was far too big for them, Mr. Burston employed a team of experienced domestic servant to help Mrs. Burston take care of John and the house. John was growing bigger day by day; Mrs. Burston was so afraid for John to get hurt that she didn't send him to elementary school.

Instead, she kept him at home and hired private teachers to teach him. During those years, everything John needed was prepared by his mother or the servants. He would do anything whenever he wanted and no one complained. When John was ready for junior high school, Mr. Burston sent him to a private school without consulting with his wife. Mrs. Burston had no choice but to allow him to go.

In school, John could not catch up with the school works and disliked almost everything. The teachers in the school could make nothing of him, and his classmates ignored him. John felt lonely and decided to do things on his own. Gradually, he gave up many his bad habits and started to get along with others. But when he tried to do something...