Short Story: Night

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Luong, Christine

English 1A, Period 2

20 March 2009

Assignment #1: Short Story

She ricochet up from her bed, half asleep, half awake, thinking that it was just a nightmare. Sitting there pondering what had just happened? Was there someone there? Who could it be? Was it real?

The morning sun rose up from its horizon, with its radiant red, orange, and yellow rays into the unruffled blue Saturday Minnesota air.

"Tammy! Come down for breakfast!"

"Comin' mom!"

Her mother's resonance boomed like thunder to her ear. Tossing and turning, with a massive hangover, she got up.

"Morning hun."

"Hey there mom… Dylan." With a monotone repugnance for Dylan, she sat.

Being an only child living with her mother and her mother's boyfriend is excruciatingly hectic; as well as: giving labor at a juvenile age, her parent's dissociated state, her mother dating, and a constant state of moving. Conversely she has acquaintances to help her through; forlornly they are under the influence.

Eight o'clock came; she got into her 1994 Honda Civic, and initiated to school.

"Aye, Tammy last night was hella' sick huh?"

"Yeah, but I got wasted. Had to sneak back in the house at two thirty, and try to get rid 'that liquor smell. So that boyfriend of hers don't trip."

"You drove home, Wasted! Alone?"

"Yeah, don't trip. I'm here ain't I? But, somehow my car got a dent now. Probably hit a mailbox."

Arriving to her vacant house, Tammy flick on the television and saw, "breaking news".

"A seven year old boy was found dead on the empty streets of Parson Street and Bryant Ave. Investigators believe it was a hit and run. The victim was walking home from a friend's house across the streets when the alleged murder rammed into the boy.