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As the bullet snaps past my head, I had to do something.

"There coming, team fall back," I desperately shouted out to my team.

"Roger That!" John yelled while running back.

Rapid firing guns of the vicious terrorists never seemed to stop. I waited and waited, holding off the terrorists so my team of five could run back and take cover behind the wall.

"COME ON DOUG!" screamed Jeremy through the microphone. Safe behind the half destroyed box I was hiding and taking cover while my team were safely behind the wall.

As team leader, I would always make sure my squadron were safe first before I would help myself. Soaring gunfire sounds from the terrorists AK-47's constantly shot while I took cover behind a thick wooden crate. I reached into my front pocket and took out my trusty life-saving flash bang. I pulled the pin, everything felt like it froze, the sound of the pin clicked and echoed throughout my head.

The rapid firing guns seemed to be shooting in slow motion, all quiet, I knew what I had to do, behind this dodgy old crate.

I took the flash bang in my right hand and swang over the crate that was protecting me. It was like everything stopped. I waited and waited, waiting for the flash bang to explode and blind the terrorists.

"Go, go, go!" desperately yelled Jeremy.

Instantly I jumped to my feet and ran towards the wall behind me. It was the longest, slowest run I've ever experienced. When the wall was only ten metres away, I still heard all the shooting, but there was nothing I could do. All that was in my mind was to look down on the solid soil and run as fast as I could. But with...