Short Story: Think Ahead in Life

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He no longer was the way he used to be. Instead of getting on the honor roll, he barely passed his classes. Rather than being the first one home, he got home only when it he wanted to go to sleep. Instead of having a a locker that was packed with books, he barely had anything in his locker besides a few cigarettes, and magazines. He wasn't the way he used to be just a few months ago. Peer pressure had changed his life all around, and it had also changed the meaning of school.

David had gotten trapped in peer pressure. He was easily influenced by those around him and that's what got him into a big problem; a problem of drugs. He had never even thought about getting into such a problem, since he wasn't that type of a person. He was more of a nerd, somebody who tried their hardest to get the best marks possible, but his worst nightmare was slowly coming true.

David was now in his last year of Saint-John's High, but his last year turned out to ruin his many years of effort. As school was over, he headed where he went every Monday. He went to meet one of his friend at the end of a very murky alley. As soon as he saw his friend he took out a 50 dollar bill from his pocket. He handed the money to his friend, and in return he got a small packet which was filled with what seemed to be some sort of a powder, but he knew very well what it was; it was a drug.

"How many times have I warned you already? If you continue on doing nothing, then you'll get nothing in return. This is your last...