This is an short story about the time i have broke my ankle for my english 3 class

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I was across the street baby-sitting for my neighbor. I had to come home because my mother wanted me to do the dishes before I started babysitting. As I finished the dishes my mother started yelling at me for taking to long to walk across the street to do the dishes. Then I went back across the street and watched the kids for a few hours. My mother told me when I got done babysitting that we would go shopping at the mall. I was so excited that when I got done babysitting, I ran out of the house so fast that when I reached the bottom step, I fell so hard that I broke my ankle. I landed with my foot flat on its side and my leg went straight up. All I could hear was a crack crack crack really fast going up all through my body.

Then I felt myself start to black out. When I first broke it I didn't feel a thing. It started to hurt a few seconds later. As I stood up I heard it crack some more as it straightened out. I stood up and I walked back up the stairs, and when I got to the door I forgot that I locked it as I walked out. I had to walk back down the stairs; I had to walk all the way around the house to the backyard, where everybody was. I walked up the stairs to the deck; it was the most excruciating pain walking up those three steps. I said to patty, "I really hurt my ankle can I have some ice?" I sat down at the kitchen table and tried to take off may shoe, but my foot was so swollen, that I could not get the...