Short Story title: To Heal, Learn and Transform

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26th December, 2004- My sever-year-old daughter was swept away right before me. I was plaiting the last knot of the crimson ribbon that matched her dress. The waves leapt at her like she was the prey of a hungry tiger. She made heavy slaps on the water trying to thrust the wild beast. As she cried out for me the monster made its final attack. Maya took huge gulps, then gasps... the crimson ribbon faded to a pale red and became a red blur until she was there - no more. Being enveloped in dark void, I couldn't rely on my sight, only in my sense of sound, as I heard Maya's echoes of desperation cry out for me. The echoes became fainter until her cries were lost in the pandemonium. Though I heard her no more, I could still feel her presence; I knew she was there, somewhere.

I was only breathing to see her again, listening for her to call for me, dragging my heavy feet without losing hope.

I fumbled through every crimson piece of cloth I came across with my scorched fingers. I frantically darted my eyes for her and shouted her name in desperation. Two days, two weeks, almost two months went by, visions of crimson haunted me; I listened only to her voice, feeling her presence somewhere around. But, the moment I saw her, my world came crumbling down. She lay motionless, wrapped in white, her lips did not part to whisper even one last word, and she did not feel my touch. That was the day, I stopped believing in what I saw, heard and felt - in myself.

Living for me was worse than dying. Losing Maya was losing everything; it killed every part of me that was alive. I was zombie...