Short Story: White Noise

Essay by MelbaFan October 2008

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It was the first time I had opened my eyes in a week, but I wasn't in my bed; I felt like I was…floating! I sat up, then slowly and shakily came to my feet. Everything was pristine and pure white. Then a small man approached me, with a letter. He was old, had a white beard and wore no shoes. Like everything surrounding me, he was also dressed in white, what's with this place? Then he spoke. His only words were: 'Read this'.

The envelope was thin and blank; not even a tiny crumple could be seen on it. I looked up; nothing really caught my attention until I twisted my head around in an awkward position. It was at that moment I seen two large, golden handled white doors. Silence. That was yet another strange thing about this building or wherever I was. I'm all confused! Where am I? Why am I here? Have I gone deaf? What's going on? That's just to name a few of the questions in my head at this moment.

I swivelled around to see some twisting stairs, and then I knew I wasn't deaf as the silence broke and I heard: 'Don't go down there, not yet anyway. It's not safe.' But no one was here. The doors are padlocked, I can clearly see the sparkling white staircase and then, well there are solid walls I guess. Well at least I think they're solid…Suddenly my arms seemed to take over and I ripped open the letter I was clutching. Then the envelope daintily floated to the floor and vanished. Gone. It had disappeared before my hazel brown eyes (glittering in fact). I hastily bent down and ran my thin fingers over the surface. I can't believe it. I've finally found something that's...