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The Awakening By Kate ChopinThe Awakening was a novel written by Kate Chopin is a very well written book, in fact it is the favorite of the three novels. It is a short novel that is filled with details from cover to cover filled with the memorable story of Edna and her awakining from womanhood and her struggle with society. In The Awakening there are many things not expressed in its story. The presense of symbolisms and themes were abundant and will be the focus of this summery .

There was much symbolism in The Awakening. In the beginning of the novel there was a parrot that kept talking over and over, this represents how Edna feels traped in societies shell and in the end of the book when Edna is on the point of killing herself, that is represnted by the hurt seabird at the end of the novel.

The title in it self is symbolic and an exposition. When you read the title you can almost guess the book will deal with curiosity and exploration. The title Is symbolic in that it describes Edna's "awakening" from womanhood.

There are also many themes in the novel. The main theme that drives the book is the theme of being different, the author describes a sort of one woman feminest movment lead by Edna, she goes against all of societies views of what a woman should be. Another obvious theme in the novel, which is actually a sub-theme of the "rebel against society, is her sexual explorations with the object of her desires Roger Lebrun. Another theme is of beauty and violence contrast are always present in the novel. For example, at the end of the novel, to Edna the idea of life is both beautiful and violent...