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Movie Summary

The movie Dr. Zhivago is a love story that takes place during the Russian Bolshevik Revolution. It is a story of Russian people forced to live through many tragedies and tells of the emotional trials of complicated love. The story is set during the fighting of World War I, which goes badly for the Russians and provides timely conditions for a revolution. It is in these circumstances that Dr. Zhivago is drafted several times to be a military doctor and his path crosses repeatedly with Lara. He is married to Tonya and together they have a son Sasha. At the time he is a doctor on the war front is when Yuri struggles with his love between his family and Lara. After he gets back from the fronts he has to flee with his wife, son, and father because food and firewood were scarce. They move to Varyinko.

When they arrive at the estate they find plenty of food and wood. Yuri then travels back and forth to Yuryatin to use the library and reunites with Lara frequently. When he decides to confess his feelings about Lara to his wife he is captured and forced to serve again as a medical doctor in the war. When he is released he returns to Yuryatin. Lara's former lover Komarovsky tries to help Yuri and Lara avoid being killed. Yuri is told his family resides in Paris and he can rejoin them. Lara and her daughter go with Kamarovsky and Yuri tricks her into thinking he will follow her soon after. Yuri returns to Moscow and finds work but on the way to his first day at work on the trolley he dies of a heart attack.

The story of Dr. Zhivago revolves around the love relationship Yuri has with...