A short summary of the stories in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club.

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_____Chinese women in the stories and movies we discussed in class were seemingly persecuted solely for the sake of being women. None seemed to be able to find peace or happiness until late in life or even in death. Their rank in society was comparable to that of some kind of slave at best. Perhaps one of the most scarring events that happened to any of the women associated with the Joy Luck Club was what happened to Waverly's grandmother.

_____Upon visiting and honoring her dead husband's shrine, she was invited to play Mah Jong at a wealthy man's house by his first wife. She must have stayed until late because she ended up spending the night, during which the first wife's husband came into her room and raped her. When she went home, nobody in her family believed that she had been raped. They believed that she had willingly become a concubine and dishonored her widow's vow.

They may have also believed that a man's word, even one they didn't know, to be more worthy of their trust than that of their own daughter. Her family believed a stranger over her simply because she was a woman. Her opinion was not worth all that much during that time period. No one would give her shelter and no one would give her work. The family of her husband even prevented her from seeing her daughter Lindo, who was Waverly's mother. She was effectively cut off from the rest of the world. After Waverly's grandmother found out that she was pregnant, she went to live with the man that raped her in order to save the life of her child. This touched upon a recurring theme in these stories, a mother's self sacrifice for the life or happiness of...