Short Term & Long Term Financial Goals of Chrysler, GMC and Ford

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Short term & Long term Financial Goals of Chrysler, GMC and Ford



Every organization has some future financial goals that help it to achieve the business objectives. A financial plan is also supportive in achieving financial goals of the organization. The financial goals should be clear for the efficiency of the financial plans. Ford, GMC and Chrysler are the Multinational Corporations in the manufacturing of automobiles. The financial goals of the organization should be real and consensus based, so that business objectives can be achieved. Short term financial goals are set for the period of one year or less time period; while long term financial goals are set for more than five years.

The financial goals explain the mission and strategy of the organization. The financial goals are set by its long term planning system. The financial goals are set according to the priority of the organization.

The change in the any financial goal of the organization is made according the effect on the other goals. Financial goals are changeable, and unstable, and therefore, managers find it difficult to understand and accept the financial goals system.

Short term Financial Goals of Chrysler

Chrysler is the automobile manufacturer company in the America that was established in year 1925. It is traded in the NYSE under the C symbol. The current name of the Chrysler is Daimler Chrysler as it sold its 80.1% stock to the other capital firm of America. It is the largest truck manufacturer company in the world. It also provides financial services to the people by its other businesses. The financial segment of the company provides financing services to the distributors for the inventory and property.

The most important short term financial goal of the Chrysler is...