A short timeline and reason why the Berlin Blockade occured (during 1948)

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The cold war was a number of battles and disagreements that lasted for 44 years, starting in1945, or post World War Two. The Cold War started with the Yalta conference. This was a meeting of ;Winston Churchill from England, Franklin D. Roosevelt representing the United States, and Josef Stalin, the Soviet Union's leader.

The subjects of the talk were; German war reparations, the entry of Soviet forces into Japan, the dividing up of Germany, and making of the United Nations. The most important matter at hand was the future of Poland. During the meeting, Roosevelt and Churchill were agreeable, but Stalin disagreed on almost all of the subjects. On the reparation of Germany, Stalin suggested that the 20 billion dollars to divided 50% to the Soviet Union and the rest to the western countries. After this, of course, relations with the Communist party weakened.

During February of 1948, Soviet Union Communists take over Czechoslovakia.

On June 24 1948, the control over Berlin known as the 'Berlin Blockade' started. The open passage between the Western controlled sectors of Berlin allowed for the get away of hundreds of thousands of eastern Europeans to escape the Soviet Union. The Western sectors wanted a common currency in their three sectors, but the Soviet Union opposed that and claimed that if they went forward with it then they would 'blockade'.

The issue never was settled and hence on June 24, 1948 the Soviet Union halted all traffic to Berlin from West Germany. This left the three western controlled sectors out of future supplies. The Soviet Union also closed all electricity to the three sectors. This 'blockade' caused a total of 2 and half million people out of their main importer of electricity and supplies, including food. The Blockade lasted for a whole...