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Assuming there are only eleven people left on Earth and four must be chosen based on their potential in rebuilding the society by contributing their different skills and knowledge, these four people should survive: Father Frans, Mr. Newton, Mrs. Clark, and Dr. Dane.

The first person chosen to survive is Father Frans. Since he has a farming background, Father Frans has the ability to produce food for the people. Some people might argue that Father Frans should not be chosen because he is a Catholic priest, and he would not procreate to rebuild the society. It is reasonable. In fact, every Catholic priest has to make a vow to celibacy. However, people need food to survive, if no one provides food, there would be no chance for reproduction. Therefore, Father Frans should be chosen to survive.

The second person chosen to survive is Mr. Newton. He has a medical knowledge that may help the society by saving other people's lives.

Many argue that Mr. Newton should not be chosen because he has a suspected homosexual activity that would obstruct the population growth of the society. But nothing has proven that he really is homosexual, perhaps he is just bisexual, and that would not stop him from procreating. However, every society needs a doctor, so that people would not die easily from diseases. Thus, Mr. Newton should be chosen to survive.

The third person chosen to survive is Mrs. Clark. She is an electronics engineer which she can contribute to the society by improving its technology. Some might argue that Mrs. Clark should not be chosen since she is a member of Zero Population Growth, which she would not be willing to give more than two births. This is understandable that the chosen one should carry on the task...