Should Abortion be allowed?

Essay by Punjabi-Bl00dz December 2008

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Over 1.3 million women have an abortion to end pregnancy. You are basically just killing a baby before it sees the beautiful world. Most likely you will regret that you got an abortion. In our culture it is called a sin to kill a baby. Abortion is never an easy decision, but women have been making that choice for thousands of years. Abortion is not right in everyway.

Firstly, abortion should be banned. I think abortion should be banned because basically when you're killing a baby your just murdering it. Even though abortion has been legalized since 1973, they can still stop it now. Its better then stopping it later!! Abortion should be banned because it's immoral and life begins at conception. How about this when you were in your mom's stomach and she thought about doing abortion you probably wouldn't even be here. Abortion is legal in: America, Britain and most of Western Europe. I think abortion should be banned.

Secondly, abortion is not right. Even though the baby is not fully developed, it is still alive, so it is wrong to have it terminated meaning have it be killed. My one reason why abortion is not right because when the day comes mother's day or even father's day there is no child to say to you Happy mother's day mom or Happy father's day dad. The mother has the only right to make her a mom or to make her husband a dad. Abortion is terrible, and must be stopped!! Do you think that if someone did an abortion right now it is right? NO! Absolutely not! You could tell that person and she may listen and stop!Lastly, women have all the rights to do what they want. There are many reasons for someone to have an...