Should Affirmative Action be allowed in medical schools?

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Affirmative action efforts were on track in 1964 to stop the extensive past of neglecting competent citizens of color and women from advanced schooling. Affirmative action establishes principles for a business or office of admissions, so that a white man does not have the ascendancy over an evenly or greater educated minority. The preliminary method the government tried to rationalize affirmative action was to develop a human resource approach: primarily recognizing the dilemma, which is racism then instituting the resolution.

The objective of affirmative action helps reduce inequity in the office and in schools, regardless of the fact that a few consider that affirmative action is a type of reverse discrimination. On the contrary, the initial objective of affirmative action was to assist people who were underprivileged or inadequately educated, inspiring them to positions for which they were not impartially qualified. The Public Civil Rights Agencies and Fair Employment denotes that the affirmative action procedures have the benefit of not only convincing employers not to discriminate when hiring or accepting, but to develop employment and educational opportunities for minority groups.

Consequently, affirmative action is valid because it does decrease discrimination in the work place and correlated areas such as University acceptance of college students.

Affirmative action has turned out to be contentious. Proposition 209, in California, which prohibits all programs concerning race and sex preferences run by the state, has been voted for but it will not be put into total action caused by some questions of constitutionality. The law will initiate gradually first, ending affirmative action in the schools of California, leading up to the elimination of affirmative action all together. A dispute was stated by Mark Rosenbaum of the Southern California Branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, "Proposition 209 should be declared unconstitutional because it singles...