Should Alexander be given the title "The Great"?

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After Alexander the great died, he was given the title "the great" due to his success in conquering Europe. People thought he made many great to change Europe. Was that really the reason he was given the title the great? What goals do you have to achieve in order you can receive the tile of "the great"? Someone great should be a leader that contributed to the society greatly and made a significant achievement to change the world and make the way we live today better. He should be someone who is respected by others and also pays respect to others. One should be also kind hearted. Alexander did succeed those goals therefore, should not receive the title "the great".

What makes Alexander great? He had conquered all the civilizations that were known back then which were also known as the whole world back then. He had great military tactics and a brilliant general.

So what makes him deserve the title "the great"? What did he do to make this world better? He may have changed the world significantly, but does it really mean he made it better? When he conquers other countries, is he really doing other countries a favor? If someone comes along today and tries to take over the entire globe, that person will be most hated by everyone. No one wants to be attacked or invaded. That is the reason countries back then defend themselves with the army and still today. After being invaded, countries will after to adapt to a new culture, the culture Alexander wants the entire kingdom to adopt. Alexander didn't' respect the culture existed before the invasion. He forced people to adopt his Hellenistic culture which was a fair bit of different cultures, but many crucial parts would be still missing from...