Should Australia Re-Introduce Capital Punishment?

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Capital punishment, or the death penalty as it is also known, refers to executions sanctioned by the state. The most common forms of capital punishment include electrocution, gas, firing squads, lethal injections and hanging. Despite the abolition of the death penalty in Australia, horrific crimes often prompt renewed debate about the appropriateness of the death sentence as a penalty.

I firmly believe that Australia should re-introduce capital punishment, however it should only be implemented on extreme cases such as terrorism, serial killing, the rape and murder of children and other truly cruel and vicious murders, particularly for repeat offenders. The recent underground killing and increased drug trafficking shows that the current laws don't deter criminals and that the federal government needs to take steps by re-introducing Capital Punishment to deter them while they can. On a final note, how can murder be taken seriously if the penalty isn't equally as serious? A crime, after all, is only as severe as the punishment that follows it.

Firstly, by re-introducing capital punishment for just the "worst" murderers (Terrorists, serial killers) it would at least be some justice for the terrible crimes they have committed and would permanently incapacitate them. Some people may argue and bring up human rights issues when it comes to prosecuting them, to me these terrorists who have deliberately killed innocent people aren't human, and have lost any privilege of the average human being including human rights. Execution is a very real punishment rather than some form of "rehabilitative" treatment; the criminal is made to suffer in proportion to the offence. Although whether there is a place in a modern society for the old fashioned principal of "an eye for an eye" is a matter of personal opinion. Retribution is seen by many as a good enough reason...