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Parenting is one challenge that most people face the issue of discipline or not to discipline is a major issue for most parents. The government protects children against abuse which most of the times results from discipline. We all know that everybody needs discipline in this society. Should parents discipline their children and how do they do it, when and where. Who should discipline. Hilary Clinton wrote a book titled ?it takes a village to raise a child?. Should everyone be involved to raise children?

I believe that wisdom or knowledge goes together with discipline. There are a lot of benefits that comes with discipline. In schools well behaved children learn better than misbehaved children. The misbehaved children cause a lot of distructions in classes making it so hard for the teachers to teach. They also score very low in class because they spend most of their time disturbing everybody instead folearning.

As children that are undisciplined grow up they become disrespectful people in the society. I think children should be discipline in a wise way. Disciplining should not be abuse. Spanking kids is not necessarily disciplining them. We can inflict pain to them but not teach them anything in the process. Spanking should be used in discipline but a child needs to know why they are being spanked. There are other forms of disciplining that can be used like time outs, taking away their privileges, rewarding them when they do well. We should also set examples to our children. If parents are not well disciplined their children will not be disciplined.