Should children be given total freedom? Discuss.

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Raising Children is not an easy task. Most parents say that. In our further expanding world of virtue and vice, it is even harder than it used to be. Many parents argue with their children on the concept of their freedom. So, should children be given total freedom?

I say no, they shouldn't. However, I'm not saying that children shouldn't have freedom. Of course they should! Parents need to encourage their children's freedoms to build a strong base for future independence. Otherwise, how is a kid supposed to get out of his house and face the world when he hasn't seen it? In my opinion, a child should be given basic rights to visit his or her friends, go play in the park, or go to the supermarket alone... It is these little things that start to build character. For example, say you are a parent. You wouldn't be thrilled to have your little 7-year old go for groceries by herself.

However, you can be subtle about it. Allow her to go with an older friend, brother or cousin. It really makes a difference for children not to be escorted by their parents everywhere they go; it discourages independence.

Moreover, I believe that every household should have certain rules to live by. These rules should be neither extremely stiff, nor haphazard and lax. A child should learn how to respect rules, while also being able to live comfortably. If you are a parent, make rules that your child would be proud to obey, and even mention in front of his/her friends! But these rules have got to change as the child grows, to expand liberations and opportunities, and not constrict them.

Children don't really need total freedom. They just want to be acknowledged as active human beings, not just little...