Should College Athletes be Paid?

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Should College Athletes be Paid?

! There are many fans of college sports in the United States. Many are die hard

fans of their team and would do anything to help their team out. One huge debate

between fans of college sports is whether or not college athletes should be paid to play

their sports. There are many different opinions out there, and very strong points for all of

them. Ask any fan of college sports, and they will have a very strong opinion whether it

is supporting them getting paid or not. College athletes should not get paid for many

reasons, such as lack of competition, payment issues, which sports will be paid, and

scholarship issues.

! One reason college athletes should not get paid is because it would kill

competition. After the payments start coming in, the athletes would only start caring

about the money and not about the love of the game. Most sports fans would agree that

watching professional sports events is no where near as exciting as watching college

sports. The college players try so much harder because they are working to prove that

they are good enough to be in the pros. Most of the time the professional players do not

try as hard in basketball as they would in college. Once college players start to get paid,

they will not try as hard just like in the pros and then college sports will not be as fun to

watch. The only way to get players to try is to base their pay on their performance in

play. The only problem with that is many of the players will get mad about their pay


! One of the main arguments for the athletes to get paid is because they bring in

revenue for...