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Divine Miracle




Topic: The History of Basketball


Hook: Line up, first five players on the court, tip off of the ball and games begins. The crowd goes crazy all the excitement builds up your adrenaline while running down the court.


1. How it influenced teenage African American's lifestyle and how it boarding to a different race.

2. The rules of the game and why they are important

3. The communication between the teammates, inter-self and coaches

4. The principal of basketball to an individual's life

Basic Info: Basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith in 1891 in Springfield Massachusetts, its purpose was to unite and condition young athletes with the will and determination to appreciate a physical and mental sport. At the End of 1949 basketball became an integral part of American culture.

Body 1: # 1 How it influenced teenage African American's lifestyle and how it boarding to a different race.

Basketball was created primarily for the YMCA games during the winter months.

Street Basketball started amongst young African American kids. The sport is typically played on outdoor courts. The life lessons in basketball teaches you control, anticipation, mental and physical skills and the goal in mind to get the big W, which stands for the word WIN. Basketball is an interacting sport and has throughout the years linked different individuals together. Basketball can be analyzed as an intellectual language amongst players on the court; plays are being called against an opponent. The plays are strategized to out-do your opponent and stay one step ahead. Over the years of playing basketball an individual will improve if they have the mind and heart to learn and understand the flow of the game. Having about 15-30 players on a team not only shows the dedication...